K.Will Releases “Day 1” MV Starring Park Min Woo and SISTAR’s Soyu

K.Will is back with a new mini album, “One Fine Day,” and the music video for its title track, “Day 1,” starring actor Park Min Woo and SISTAR‘s Soyu.

“One Fine Day” is K.Will’s fifth mini album with tracks by some of K-Pop’s hottest producers like singer-songwriter The Name, Xepy, who produced “Some,” and Min Yeon Jae. Title track “Day 1” is produced by The Name and Megatone. The song tells the story of an ordinary man trying to confess to a girl he likes. The music video portrays the same story, starring actor Park Min Woo, currently appearing in the variety show “Roommate,” and K.Will’s labelmate, Soyu of SISTAR.

Watch the sweet music video below and wait for the little twist in the story.