Rookie Girl Group Wings Releases Teaser for “Blossom”

The rookie girl group Wings released the teaser for their new song “Blossom.”

On June 26, the group’s agency released the teaser on the official Vevo channel, YouTube and many other music sites.

In the revealed teaser for “Blossom,” Ye Seul and Na Young are seen luring two men into the forest with their innocent looks. However, a sly smile is seen on their faces as their eyes changes red, transforming the mood into a horrific atmosphere.

“Blossom” will be revealed on July 3 and the song will have a lively melody. The song tells the story of the nervousness and the anxiety one goes through when in love. This feeling is expressed well through the use of an acoustic guitar and the flute.

Also, the best hip-hop duo Baechigi will be featuring in the song as well.

Meanwhile, Wings will be having a showcase on July 2 and the song, along with the music video, will be released on July 3. This will be the start of the of their activity in promoting their song. 

You can check out the teaser below!

wings teaser