Jun Ji Hyun to Stay On with Chinese Water Company, Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun’s Ad Revealed

Previously, immediately following the break out of controversy over Jun Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun’s contract with Hongda Bingchuan (恒大氷泉), the two actors requested a cancellation of their contract. However, not long afterwards, Kim Soo Hyun’s agency announced that he would be keeping his contract with the company, and now, according to an official statement by Culture Depot, Jun Ji Hyun’s agency, the “Man from the Stars” actress will be following suit.

On June 27, the agency said, “After careful consideration and discussion, we reached the conclusion that we will be following through on the contract as planned.” They explained, “The water company is a company that has nothing to do with the political issues that have raised the controversy in Korea. Moreover, their decision to use our agency actress as a model has no ulterior political motives.”

The agency stressed that Changbai Mountain (Jangbaek Mountain) is just the name that they have used in China for a long time.

“The advertisements with our actress [Jun Ji Hyun] are limited to China. That the company used Jun Ji Hyun as a model in order to make the water source known abroad as Changbai Mountain is not true. She was simply chosen due to her high level of popularity and influence in China.”

Not long after both actors announced that they would be staying on with advertisements, their ad for Hongda Bingchuan was revealed through online communities, leading to criticism of the two from netizens and questions as to whether the two had ever actually considered a cancellation of the contract. 

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