Lee Kwang Soo Talks About What “Running Man” Means To Him

Actor Lee Kwang Soo showed great dedication to his current variety program “Running Man“. 

In an interview he had with the media on June 27, he said, “‘Running Man’ is a part of my body.” 

During the interview, he said, “there are people who worry that my ‘variety image’ will become my main image because of ‘Running Man’. But ‘Running Man’ is a part of my body and my family. You don’t try to change your family or swap a body part just because you don’t like it.” 

He also added, “so I don’t think too hard about it. It’s such a normal part of my life, so I don’t worry about it affecting my image. To be honest, I’m not confident about doing any other variety shows than ‘Running Man’, and when I shoot ‘Running Man’ it feels like I’m interacting with my family. I think the viewers appreciate that from me as well.” 

Lee Kwang Soo is currently promoting his upcoming crime drama film “Good Friends“, which will open in theaters on July 10.