A Pink BnN Shows Their Support for Brave Brothers and “My Darling”

Girl group A Pink’s first unit group, “Apink BnN,” is asking for your support. In order to celebrate Brave Brothers’ 10-year anniversary, members Bomi and Namjoo decide to promote the song “My Darling.”

On June 28, on Brave Brothers’ official Twitter, they released two pictures with a message that said, “Received Apink BnN’s support message the girls wrote themselves.”

Within the pictures, Bomi and Namjoo wrote, “Brave Brothers 10-year Project With Apink BnN – My Darling fighting,” and posed while holding the support message. Bomi and Namjoo are seen without their make-up on and making cute expressions for the camera.

“My Darling” is a medium tempo R&B, pop ballad that compares different stages of a relationship to a temperature.

“My Darling” is Brave Brothers’ sixth new song, which was released as a single to celebrate Brave Brothers’ 10-year anniversary. It’s also the song that will be used for A Pink’s first unit group.

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