Shin Sung Rok Discusses Acting His Unique and Dorky Character in “Trot Lovers”

In the stills of KBS 2TV’s newest Monday-Tuesday drama “Trot Lovers,” Shin Sung Rok was able to make many laugh through his stiff, yet dorky side.

Shin Sung Rok plays the role of Jo Geun Woo, who expresses his thoughts bluntly and sarcastically. He was able to show a homme fatale and dorky side of him, showing a new charm that hasn’t been seen before.

Jo Geun Woo is in charge of his father’s agency, Shine Star, for one year. His character pursues freedom and hates anything that’s annoying. Shin Sung Rok was able to act out this character perfectly by using an interesting voice tone and acting style. Through this, the viewers will fall in love with the character more and more.

However, Jo Geuk Woo isn’t your usual fairy tail prince. He would secretly play games during a meeting and when Park Soo In, played by Lee Sae Young, would ask him to buy her food, he would reply with, “You buy it,” as if it was an obvious thing. Through this unique character, it makes Shin Sung Rok have more presence.

Shin Sung Rok talked about his acting by saying, “Rather than creating an awkward character through an acting skill I’m not good at, only to force people to laugh, I want to do my best in acting by picking out the comical and witty parts within the acting skill that I’m good at.”

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