100% Members Turn into Your Boyfriends for “You’re Pretty” Teasers

Five-member boy group 100% previews a bit of their concept for their forthcoming album titled “Sunkiss” with video teasers uploaded onto their official Youtube channel.

The title track of “Sunkiss” will be “You’re Pretty,” a love confession song, refreshing and perfect for the hot summer with an energetic sound. 100% announced that they would be showing a transformation from their previous “beastly” image with this new album and the individual member video teasers attest to that, casting the boys as romantic boyfriends. 

The video teasers for members Jonghwan, Chanyong, Changbum, and Hyukjin, so far released, show the boys in a cute and playful light, filmed like a home movie. See them below.

“Sunkiss” drops July 7, and 100% will have their first comeback stage on July 3 through “M!Countdown.”