9 K-Pop Idols with All the Sass

Sass. It’s like hair on your toes. You’re either born with it, or you’re not. These idols were definitely born with it.

Check out the list for 2AM’s Jo Kwon, SHINee’s Key, Brian, and many others (in no particular order)!

jun2yng is a Soompi editorial intern who adores the sass.

1. CL (2NE1)

If you have a song called “Baddest Female,” you’re going to be on this list at some point.


Especially if your outfit of choice is a fur coat. It’s inevitable.


2. Park Ji Min (15&)

“My middle name is Sass.” She doesn’t say it but it is. 


3. Heechul (Super Junior)

If you’re dressed up as Lady Gaga, and it’s not a joke..


4. Key (SHINee)

Yaasss~ Werk.

5. Kevin (U-KISS)

Is it embarrassing when guys do girl dances better than you?

What Brian says. Thanks, Brian.


6. Brian Joo (Fly to the Sky)

But then again Brian’s got some moves.

Brian: 1

Lee Seung Gi: 0


Brian: 1

G.NA: 0

Ok… one more time.

Brian: 2

G.NA: 0



7. Jo Kwon (2AM)

For his song “Animal.” Those HEELS.


Heels again! 

See: 2AM Member Jo Kwon Reveals Androgynous Charm for “Vogue Korea”



Umm.. watch in 1440p HD ? It’s like you’re REALLY THERE..

Jo Kwon: 1

Everybody else: 0


8. Sungjong (INFINITE)

Sungjong vs. Jo Kwon

Jo Kwon: “Honestly, Sungjong was really feminine and sensual, but the dance has to be DIRTY.” (showing the little one how it’s done)


9. Min (miss A)

Min, Jo Kwon’s certified ‘kkap’ partner.

Min. A little piece of ‘kkap’ for everyone.

And just for kicks…

A glimpse of EXO Suho‘s inner sass. Such potential.


FTISLAND‘s Hongki knows how to conduct himself at a grocery store. 


Thank you Papa Mark. Thank you.

papa mark

What do you think? Are there any other idols with sass that should be on this list?


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