NU’EST Reveals “Re:BIRTH” Tracklist in a Unique Way

NU’EST has devised a unique way to reveal the tracklist for their forthcoming first studio album, “Re:BIRTH.” 

The tracklist for “Re:BIRTH” is being revealed piece by piece, along with new teaser images of the members. So far, tracks one to three have been revealed, on images of Baekho and JR

On leader JR’s image, there is one track listed, “Judgement.” There is also a line from the song, which translates to “The score is kept together, but what you need is ‘begging me.'”

On Baekho’s image are tracks two and three, “Big Deal” and “Good Bye Bye,” respectively. The line from “Big Deal” is “I’m not the person you knew. I’m going to survive until the end.” The line from “Good Bye Bye” is “Good bye baby even if I close my eyes everyday without you.”

Judging from the images and lines from the songs so far, the album concept seems dark and angry, creating anticipation for NU’EST powerful transformation.

“Re:BIRTH” drops July 9.

nuest tracklist 1

nuest tracklist 2