100% Ready to Romance Fans Through “U Beauty” Member Teasers

The boys of 100% are ready to sweep fans off their feet with sweet smiles and flowers! The group has released individual member teaser images for “U Beauty” (aka “You’re Pretty), the title track to their “‘Sunkiss” album, through their official Facebook account. 

There are two shots of each member, one a close-up and one a half body shot. The close-ups show the members smiling sweetly while the body shots have the members with tougher and charismatic gazes.

“Sunkiss” will be released on July 7, and the five-member group will start their promotions with “U Beauty” on the July 3 episode of Mnet “M!Countdown.” 


100 percent member 18

100 percent member 7

Rockhyun100 percent member 10 100 percent member 9

100 percent member 6 100 percent member 5

Changbum100 percent member 4 100 percent member 3


100 percent member 2

100 percent member 1