“KARA Project’s” Youngji Chosen as the Newest Member of KARA

On the July 1 broadcast of MBC Music’s “KARA Project,” four of the seven contestants of ‘Baby KARA’ went head to head, competing to be chosen as the newest member of KARA.

During the live broadcast, Somin, Chaewon, Sojin, and Youngji performed KARA’s hit songs, as well as their own individual songs for their last stage of the competition. Each one of them showed off their distinct charms and gave all they had to be selected as the winner.

The final selection was made by adding up live voting and cumulative scores from the first five episodes of the show. The four members expressed their nervousness before the winner was finally announced, “Thank you for showing love to us until now. We will continue to work hard.”

In the end, Youngji was chosen as KARA’s newest member. After hearing her name, she was unable to hold back her tears and said, “I want to thank everyone. Thank you to everyone who supported me.”

Are you excited to see Youngji as a member of KARA?
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