Huh Gak and A Pink’s Jung Eunji Join Hands in a New Duet

Singers Huh Gak and Jung Eunji (A Pink) have hit the recording studio for a new duet! The two A Cube Entertainment artists will be releasing their new digital single this coming July 8.

On the morning of July 2, Huh Gak and Jung Eunji posted on their agency’s official Facebook and Twitter a teaser photo of both of them giving a thumbs-up, with smiley faces drawn on their thumbs, and the text, “A Cube For Season #Sky Blue, 2014.07.08.”

“A Cube For Season” is a project by A Cube Entertainment where they release a special song every season. This new project song won’t be Jung Eunji’s first time working with Huh Gak as labelmates, or on the “A Cube For Season” project, for that matter. The previous songs for the “A Cube For Season” project include Yang Yoseob and Jung Eunji’s “Love Day” (#Green), Jang Hyunseung, Jung Eunji, and Kim Nam Joo’s “One Year Ago” (#White), and Huh Gak and Jung Eunji’s “Short Hair” (#Blue).

huh gak jung eunji