Son Ye Jin Picks f(x)’s Sulli as “The Pirates’” Mascot

Actress Son Ye Jin picked f(x)’s Sulli as the pirates’ mascot.

On July 2, a production conference was held regarding the upcoming blockbuster movie, “The Pirates.”

In the movie, Son Ye Jin plays the role of Yeo Wol, who leads a group of pirates. She explains about the movie briefly by saying, “In the movie, it’s separated by bandits and pirates. I think the bandits were able to film joyfully because they were all males. However, the pirates filmed only on the boat because they were stuck there and we had to fight the cold. We all stood in front of the heater and shared our warmth with each other.”

Continuing on, Son Ye Jin was asked who she thought the mascot of the pirates was and picked Sulli. Sulli plays the role of Heuk Myo who is captured by So Ma, played by Lee Kyung Young, to sell her. However, Heuk Myo is saved thanks to the help of Yeo Wol and later on joins her to become a pirate.

Son Ye Jin explained by saying, “There are four pirates so we always stick together and since Sulli is the youngest and the cutest, she’s the mascot. I thought senior Shin Jung Geun was a serious person but he’s fun.”

“The Pirates” takes place during the Joseon Dynasty where a gray whale swallows the royal seal. The bandits and the pirates join forces to catch the whale and the movie tells the story of the struggles both groups go through. Famous actors such as Kim Nam Gil, Son Ye Jin, Yoo Hae Jin, Lee Kyung Young, Kim Tae Woo, Park Chul Min, Shin Jung Geun, f(x)’s Sulli, Jo Dal Hwan, Jung Sung Hwa, Ahn Nae Sang, Oh Dal Soo, and Kim Won Hae will be appearing in the movie. The movie will be released on August 6.