Lee Seung Gi Apologizes to Go Ara For Having a Big Nose

A behind-the-scene footage of Lee Seung Gi and Go Ara’s kiss scene in the SBS drama “You’re Surrounded” has been revealed.

On June 26, the 14th episode of “You’re Surrounded” was aired where a kiss scene between Eun Dae Gu, played by Lee Seung Gi, and Eo Soo Sun, played by Go Ara, captured the viewers’ attention.

Through SBS’s home page, a behind-the-scene video was uploaded where the filming took place last month at a café in Haiti. In the video, the two character’s kissing scene has become a hot issue again. At the time, Eo Soo Sun said, “Honey, take a pretty picture of me,” while posing for the camera and Eun Dae Gu was seen holding the camera and taking pictures.

Continuing on, Eo Soo Sun tries to kiss Eun Dae Gu on the lips but when he tries to pull her in, the two actors end up butting their heads and their nose.

Lee Seung Gi, who was monitoring the scene, said, “I’m sorry that my nose is big,” while smiling and Go Ara was embarrassed by it. They did the kissing scene again and right before they kissed, the staff introduced the actors. As Lee Seung Gi posed, a caption that said, “Baby Kiss” appeared and for Go Ara, a caption that said, “Deep Kiss,” appeared.

You can check out the stills below!

lee seung gi, go ara_you're surrounded

Here is the kiss scene: