f(x) Stops You in Your Tracks with Their High Cut Pictorial

Girl group f(x), who just released their music video for their latest single, “Red Light,” graces the 129th issue cover of fashion paper-zine High Cut. The girls, no, woman, look amazing in this new pictorial, from their sultry make-up to their trendy outfits.

Two group pictures were released, as well as one solo image for Krystal, and another couple image for Krystal and Sulli. Krystal’s solo cut is especially eye-catching, with her crop top revealing her famous “11” abs. 

In the accompanying interview, the members of f(x) were asked to name the “midnight snack king,” “biting words king,” “soccer king,” and “No makeup face king” among all the SM Entertainment artists. Krystal picked herself as the “midnight snack king,” explaining she is obsessed with food. In the past she used to like meat, but these days she wants to eat sushi whenever she gets the chance.”

For soccer king, everyone except Luna named SHINee’s Minho. Amber picked BoA for the “No makeup face king,” saying, “BoA unnie doesn’t need makeup. Her no makeup face just shines.” 

fx high cut 2

fx high cut 3

fx high cut 4

fx high cut 1