Rapper Yang Dong Geun Contemplated Not Including Vulgar and Suggestive Themes

Actor and rapper Yang Dong Geun revealed that after he got married, he contemplated about including vulgar words and suggestive themes in his raps.

On July 2, Yang Dong Geun appeared on MBC FM4U’s “Tablo’s Dreaming Radio.” On that day, rappers The Quiett and Swings also appeared for the hip-hop special that was held.

Continuing on from the live performance by DJ Tablo, he asked Yang Dong Geun, “People around me always said this. Once a rapper marries, their rap changes. I hear this often and was wondering what it’s like for you.”

Yang Dong Geun answered Tablo’s question by saying, “Considering how my songs had suggestive themes and vulgar language, I contemplated about it because how can I change my style of music that I’ve been doing for over 10 years? I have to think about the second generation and my family so rather than keeping my image as a rapper, I feel like I have to protect it as the man of the house.”

Hearing this, Tablo added, “I hope that the YDG on stage will continuously be that way.” Swings cheered on the rapper by saying, “Of course I’m not in any position to say anything since I’m not married but since there are people who like your art, if you change, then they don’t have a reason to like you anymore so I hope you’ll do whatever is comfortable for you.”

For this special, Yang Dong Geun, Swings and DJ Tablo did a live rap performance. It has been six years since Tablo performed live on a radio show and performed many hit songs, such as, “Map the Soul” and “Light the Fire.”