Junggigo Releases the CF Song, “Latin Summer”

Singer Junggigo released the CF song, “Latin Summer” on July 4.

His agency Starship Entertainment explained that, “Through the popularity he received from many songs, many have asked him to write a CF song. After doing a duet with SISTAR’s Soyou for a CM song, he released the song ‘Latin Summer’ for the CF for Outback Steakhouse. We weren’t planning on releasing this song to the public but since we received good feedback, we decided to release it.”

La Bamba” is a song with strong, addictive melody that’s well known to many people. In order to match the atmosphere of “Latin Summer,” the song was arranged. On top of that, with Junggigo’s sweet voice that melts the hearts of women, it gives off a fun and modern feel.

“Latin Summer” is gaining positive feedback as it was used as the theme song for the Outback Steakhouse commercial.