IU Confesses the Special Reason She Wanted to Remake “Meaning of You”

For the upcoming July 7 episode of “Healing CampIU explained her personal reason why she wanted to remake Sanurim‘s “Meaning of You.”

For her recent remake album, “Flower Bookmark,” IU sang “Meaning of You” with Kim Chang Wan. IU had personally chosen all the songs to remake in that album, and she had a special reason for choosing “Meaning of You.” During the program IU confessed, “The person I had a crush on in middle school liked this song. Since then, the song has a ‘meaning of him’.” 

IU has not been shy about sharing her past crushes. She had previously revealed that she had a one-sided crush on someone last year.


IU and Kim Chang Wan will perform “Meaning of You” together and do a special performance with Akdong Musician on the July 7 episode of “Healing Camp.”