Yoon Hoo Falls in Love With Getting a Foot Massage on “Dad, Where Are You Going?”

Singer Yoon Min Soo and his adorable son Yoon Hoo experienced a really good foot massage.

On July 4, the staff of SBSDad, Where Are You Going?” revealed pictures of Yoon Min Soo and Yoon Hoo getting a foot massage during their trip in Hong Kong.

According to the staff, they revealed that Yoon Min Soo and Yoon Hoo spent their “Eating Trip” to the fullest and finished their long day by getting a foot massage.

Yoon Hoo seemed like he was in a different world since this was his first time getting a foot massage. He said, “This is the first time I’ve felt something like this.” Yoon Hoo fell in love with the massage that he said, “I wish we can do a massage shop at home,” which shocked Yoon Min Soo.

You can check out the cute Yoon Ho in the episode that will be aired on July 6.

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