Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae Talks About Their Chemistry in “Hotel King”

Actor Lee Dong Wook talked about the upcoming kiss scene with actress Lee Da Hae, as well as their chemistry within the drama.

On July 4, a press conference was held for MBC’s “Hotel King” at a restaurant in Seoul. At the press conference, Lee Dong Wook, Lee Da Hae and Choi Byung Gil, the producer of the drama, attended.

During the press conference, Lee Da Hae said, “During the last filming, I filmed a bed scene with Lee Dong Wook and after the press conference, we’ll be filming a kiss scene.”

Continuing on, Lee Dong Wook said, “I will be leading the kiss scene with Lee Da Hae. The kiss scene is planned to be aired this weekend and I believe it will be a scene that’ll leave a mark among the broadcasters.”

Lee Da Hae explained about what it’s like working with Lee Dong Wook by saying, “Truthfully, when it comes to lovey-dovey scenes or harsh dialogue, we try to be careful about it but we’re filming things well by working things out together. During ‘My Girl,’ it was fresh but now there is a comfortable feeling as if we’ve been dating for a long time. We would argue from time to time and take care of each other when we can and it’s fun.”

Lee Dong Wook talked about his chemistry with Lee Da Hae by saying, “I think there is a certain closeness and comfort. In regards to chemistry, it’s already been perfected.”

“Hotel King” revolves around Hotel Ciel and the various situations that occur within it. The drama is being aired every Saturday and Sunday.