g.o.d to Release Three Title Tracks for Eighth Album, No TV Promotion Planned

“Nation’s idol group” g.o.d, who has been bringing strong waves of nostalgia to K-Pop, is coming back with triple the hits.

It was announced by SidusHQ that g.o.d will have three title tracks for their eighth studio album. g,o.d’s last studio album was released nine years ago in 2005, and back then, member Yoo Kye Sang did not participate in the album. g.o.d’s eighth studio album will contain the pre-release ballad track, “The Lone Duckling,” as well as the songs previously teased through videos- “Sky Blue Promise” and “Saturday Night.” “Sky Blue Promise,” in particular, can be seen as the sequel to g.o.d’s representative third album hit, “One Candle.”

g.o.d’s new album will be released 0:00 AM July 8 online and on July 9 offline. Along with the album, the group has also prepared four music videos.

Unfortunately, g.o.d currently does not have any plans to promote their album on TV, but the group will hold their “15th Anniversary Reunion Concert” on July 12 and 13 to meet their fans.