NC.A to Become the Youngest Singer to Appear on “Immortal Song”

Solo artist NC.A will claim the title as the youngest singer to appear on singing competition program “Immortal Song“.

Currently 18 in Korean age (and 17 in Western age), NC.A will be the youngest participant of the variety program. She recently participated in the show’s second summer special. 

For her stage, NC.A collaborated with veteran musician Lee Se Joon from Yurisangja, who is also from the same agency as her. They performed “The Cloud and Me” from 1978 together. 

Other musicians like Orange Caramel, Dickpunks, Sonnet Son, Lee Hyun Woo, Seo Moon Tak, and Hong Kyung Min participated in the summer special of “Immortal Songs” which will be airing on July 12. 

NC.A, who created buzz for being a Son Yeon Jae lookalike, debuted in August of last year, and had a comeback in April with her first official mini album “Scent of NC.A“.