Akdong Musician Reveals How Homeschooling Was Both a Dream Come True and Not

The cute siblings Akdong Musician, that made a great impact since their appearance on “K-Pop Star Season 3,” appeared on SBS’s variety program, “Healing Camp.” After they signed with YG Entertainment, they have released many bright songs such as “200%,” “You Are Attractive,” and “Is It Ramen?” which have earned them a lot of love.

However, even these bright and adorable siblings had a painful past.

On July 7, Akdong Musician appeared on “Healing Camp” and had an honest talk about the hardship they experienced within their family.

They revealed that since their family was having a hard time financially, they had no choice but to be home schooled in Mongolia. The brother Chan Hyuk said, “Our parents went to Mongolia for a mission trip and we followed them. We lived there for about five years. When our parents first proposed home schooling, we were happy. It’s every student’s dream of not going to school.”

He continued on by saying, “However, when we were going to tell our parents that we wanted to attend school again, we overheard their conversation. We heard that even if they wanted to send us to school, they couldn’t because they couldn’t support us financially so we gave up going to school.”

Chan Hyuk also said, “At that time, since we were going through this hardship, we ate rice with soy sauce.” Soon after, he smiled brightly and said, “But that meal was really delicious,” making everyone laugh. After, they were asked about the cons of home schooling and answered with, “Since we didn’t attend school, we didn’t have friends and we never had the chance to wear a school uniform.”

However, Akdong Musician’s past hardships didn’t become an obstacle for them. Chan Hyuk said, “Even within this kind of situation, we were able to do music and after songwriting for a year, we entered ‘K-Pop Star’ and won,” showing they’ve become strong-willed.

This episode of “Healing Camp” showed a different side of the siblings who were always bright and happy on screen. Even though they experienced a heartbreaking moment in their past, they were able to overcome it and have matured to who they are today. 

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