NU’EST Aron and Ren Compete for “Best Abs” in Spoiler Pic for “Re:BIRTH” Album

NU’EST members, as promised, are showing a new image of themselves through their forthcoming album, “Re:BIRTH.”

The latest spoiler picture uploaded on NU’EST official Facebook shows members Aron and Ren with their shirts up and open, showing off some toned abs. The message on this post asks “Who is the winner of the abs competition- Aron or Ren?”

What do you pick?

NU’EST’s first studio album, “Re:BIRTH,” drops July 9. Re:BIRTH” contains eleven tracks, showing NU’EST’s range and musical diversity, as well as their distinct style. “Judgement” is the album’s title track, a powerful song with a powerful message. Check out the teaser here. NU’EST first comeback stage will be on “M!Countdown” on July 10.