Seo Taiji to Make a Comeback This Fall

Singer Seo Taiji’s comeback activities has been confirmed.

On July 8, according to a concert official, they revealed that Seo Taiji will be holding a big concert in Seoul. It’s a possibility that he will be releasing his ninth album a day or two before the concert.

Wellmade Show21 manages Seo Taiji’s concerts and they informed that they sent a request to rent the stadium for his concert. Wellmade Show21 informed that, “We’re currently in discussion of many things and nothing has been confirmed.” They are planning on opening the concert that will match the expectations of his new songs as well as his name. 2012 was his twentieth anniversary, but he didn’t hold a concert to celebrate it. However, for this upcoming concert, it seems like he will look back to his twentieth anniversary and reflect on it. After he makes his grand comeback show at the big concert, he is planning on going on a tour in major cities.

Currently, Seo Taiji is almost done with his new album. However, according to him, he hasn’t decided how he will introduce his new songs in a way that will have a positive affect on the listeners. From July of 2008, he released three singles, right after the other and it took him a year to release his eighth album.

For his ninth album, he’s contemplating on whether to release a couple of songs as singles. When a decision has been made, he is planning on making a detailed agreement. He is also looking over programs he could appear in to tell stories about the album process and his new songs but this depend on his confirmed activities.