Singer Yoon Jong Shin Confirmed to Be a Judge On “Superstar K6”

It has been confirmed that singer Yoon Jong Shin will be a  judge once again on Mnet’s audition program, “Superstar K6.”

On July 9, through Mnet, Yoon Jong Shin expressed his thoughts about being on the program again by saying, “In the end, being a judge means helping the participants so that they can develop, and that’s why they exist.”

Continuing on, he said, “As a person who has seen many participants and has experience as a producer, I will judge in a different aspect.”

Yoon Jong Shin has is a veteran of the show, having been a judge for seasons 2,3 and 5. He has received a lot of love from the viewers through his unique compliments when he noticed the participants’ potential and also his cold judgment.

A representative of the show said, “Among the participants this year, there are many people who are waiting for Yoon Jong Shin’s evaluation. As the judge that many participants want to meet, I believe the decision to have him on the show for this season was the best decision. We are thankful that he showed his loyalty for this upcoming season of ‘Superstar K.”

The first episode of “Superstar K6” will air on August 22.