Stalker or Stalked? “Superstar K5” Winner Parc Jae Jung Releases Eerie Debut Video Trailer

Mnet’s “Superstar K5” winner Parc Jae Jung is making a strong impression for his debut through his mysterious and eerie debut video trailers that leaves viewers scratching their heads.

The second debut trailer (rated 19+) titled “Stalker” was revealed today, showing Parc Jae Jung as a homme fatale, dapper and chic in pomade hairstyle and white dress shirt. Parc Jae Jung is expressionless as he seems to go about in normal everyday activities without any emotion. Near the end of the teaser, we see flashing images of an equally strange woman dressed in white, as well as another woman, possible the same person with tattoos covering her whole body. It is hard to tell who is the stalker in this video; is it Parc Jae Jung or the unknown woman? What happened to these people? 

The trailer uses a remix of the Parc Jae Jung’s final audition song from “Superstar K5,” “At First Sight,” 

Parc Jae Jung’s debut album, titled “STEP 1,” is set to drop July 17.