Goo Hye Sun Has the Most “Likes” on Facebook Among Korean Actresses

Among the Korean actresses, Goo Hye Sun is first place in having the most “Likes” on her Facebook page.

According to the social network-ranking site, Socialbakers, by July 8, Goo Hye Sun had 3.7 million likes. On just July 7 alone, a total of 6,429 people liked her page, which placed her in third place. Her fellow label mates, PSY, Big Bang and 2NE1 were all placed from second to fourth place on the chart. As a Korean actress, Goo Hye sun is ranked the highest, which is twelfth place.

Also, out of all the fans that liked her page, 21% are Philippine fans and continuing on, Vietnam and Indonesia fans have liked her page. This shows how popular she is globally. Through her Facebook page, Goo Hye Sun uploaded pictures from her everyday life, her artwork, behind the scenes of a drama she’s in and selfies of her without make-up.Recently, she uploaded a picture of herself without any make-up on with a message that said, “Doing the laundry that I pushed til midnight, it’s hot.” Even without make-up on, she looked flawless with her youthful look.

goo hye sun_facebook page

Actors Lee Min Ho, Kim Bum and Kim Hyun Joong, who worked with her in KBS2 drama, “Boys Over Flower,” are not that far from her.

Meanwhile, Goo Hye Sun appeared in SBS’s special drama, “Angel Eyes,” which recently ended.

*Edited for accuracy- Goo Hye Sun has 3.7 million likes, not 370 thousand as it was written in the original article.