The Song that Won’t Die? Taeyang’s “Eyes, Nose, Lips” Gets a New Nickname for Its Chart Topping Longevity

Taeyang‘s hit single, “Eyes, Nose, Lips,” from his latest album, “Rise,” has earned itself a nickname that refers to its long-running popularity.

Released June 2, “Eyes, Nose, Lips” continued to be a hit for many weeks, topping Melon‘s weekly chart for four weeks. In another major music site, Gaon, the song earned first place in the monthly digital and streaming charts.

Due to the song’s long run at the top of music charts despite the influx of new releases from many other artists, Taeyang’s fans have been calling “Eyes, Nose, Lips” as “Zom, Nose, Lips“- “zom” being an abbreviation for “zombie.” Fans are likening Taeyang’s song to the fictional creature that is difficult to kill.

Taeyang’s “Eyes, Nose, Lips” not only topped Melon’s monthly chart for June, but Olleh, Genie, Daum, Naver, and Cyworld, as well. The song has also recorded eight wins int total on various weekly music shows like Inkigayo,” most recently reclaiming no.1 last week on the show.