“TeenTop4Ever”! Teen Top Celebrates Their Fourth Debut Anniversary

Congratulations! The wonderful boys of Teen Top celebrates their fourth debut anniversary today, July 10, 2014.

Teen Top debuted in 2010 as the youngest group, with an average member age of 16.3 at that time. Four years later, everyone is officially an adult, but judging from this video released by the group for their anniversary, everyone is still a kid a heart.

In the video uploaded onto Teen Top’s official Youtube channel, the boys celebrate their anniversary by reenacting the first show they did for their web series, “Teen Top On Air,” which premiered July 19, 2010. In the first episode, the members had played with a helium balloon, swallowing the gas to alter their voices to a high-pitched animated sound. They do it again, in 2014, creating the same hilarious results as before. Additionally, the Teen Top members thanks fans for congratulating them on their anniversary, as well as asking them to look forward to their comeback.

Fan has also been wishing the group a happy anniversary by hashtagging “TeenTop4Ever” on various social networking sites. Join along by doing the same!

Congrats, once again, Teen Top!