Lady Gaga and YG Family to Headline “Now Festival” in Seoul

Pop star Lady Gaga and YG Family have been confirmed to headline “AIA Real Life: Now Festival 2014.” This will be the first time artists from YG Entertainment took part in the music festival. It’s been revealed that team WIN B will also take part in the concert along with their other half WINNER and the rest of the agency (BIGBANG, 2NE1, PSY, Epik High, Lee Hi, Akdong Musician).

The music festival lasts for two days featuring a variety of music covering rock, pop, dance, and electronic genres with musicians from different countries including Korea, the States, Japan, Germany, the Netherlands, and more. YG Family will perform on the first day on August 15 while Lady Gaga as well as other groups including Crayon Pop will perform on the second.

now festival