Producer Bang Shi Hyuk Calls Rain an Octopus on “Radio Star”

Producer Bang Shi Hyuk called star Rain an octopus on talk show “Radio Star“, causing laughter among the MCs and the guests. 

The July 9 broadcast of “Radio Star” featured guests Choi Yeo Jin, Lee Sang Bong, Bang Shi Hyuk, and Sam Ochiri

Bang Shi Hyuk called Rain an octopus while he was reminiscing about their very first encounter. Kyuhyun, one of the MCs, revealed that Bang Shi Hyuk is notorious for his harsh criticisms, adding, “when he first saw Rain, he said that Rain looked like a ‘nightclub employee'”, to which Bang Shi Hyuk replied, “I’m hesitant to say anything.” 

He explained himself, stating, “Rain’s image then was not very classy, he was so young. I told Park Jin Young that he looked like a nightclub employee when he tried to dress up.” 

Kyuhyun then added fire to the talk, claiming, “apparently he said that Rain danced like an octopus”. Bang Shi Hyuk did not refute this, agreeing, “he really was like an octopus then.”