Teaser Released For Jeon Min Joo’s Debut Song “Good bye Rain”

K-Pop Star 2” participant, Jeon Min Joo, released a teaser of her debut song “Good bye Rain,” which features Hyun Gyu of Bromance.

Jeon Min Joo’s agency musicK Entertainment uploaded the teaser on their official YouTube page and announced her official debut.

In the teaser, the singer is seen wearing a flashy outfit that consists of the colors black and gold. Even with her innocent face, her charismatic charms were shown.

It’s a R&B style song that starts off with the sound of rain and an emotional piano solo along with Jeon Min Joo’s harmony. The teaser shows Jeon Min Joo dancing powerfully that helps bring out her charismatic charm even more.

Her debut song will be released on July 15.

Check out the teaser below!