Director Kim Tae Yong and Actress Tang Wei Are Actively Preparing for Marriage in China

Director Kim Tae Yong and Chinese actress Tang Wei are currently in the middle of planning their anticipated marriage which will be held in China. 

Although previous reports informed that the couple would return to Korea this week, the wedding preparations have caused them to remain in China for the upcoming month. They can be expected to land in Korea in the beginning of August.

Kim Tae Yong has met the parents of the bride on July 4, when the parents and the couple shared a meal at a restaurant in Beijing. A representative of the director revealed, “They probably adjusted the wedding schedule during the meeting.”

Despite being a hot topic in both China and Korea, they have not cared about the looks of others, and have simply focused on each other. Chinese media outlet revealed, “The two are going on simple and beautiful dates.”

Not only is Kim Tae Yong busy with the wedding, but also his next piece. A representative commented, “Director Kim has to think of his next work as well, and he will thus be busy.”

As a result, the couple will return to Korea later than initially expected. “The plan was for them to return last week. However, there seem to be a lot of things to prepare in China. The return date has been postponed to the beginning of next month. Of course, it can still change,” a representative of the director said.