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Usually “five years” has the label of “crisis” attached to it for idols. There are several reasons for this, but opinions range from idols supervising themselves through activities to idols having certain levels of popularity and public recognition experiencing discord within the group. Even without listing all of the reasons, it’s not unreasonable to say that once the majority of idols have been around for five years that they have been afflicted by the “five-year curse.”

In an interview held on July 8, BEAST stated “If a “five-year curse” does exist, we have done well to get past that. It doesn’t seem like we have even had those kind of thoughts. All of us are friends, and despite Dongwoon being the youngest, we are carrying on our work as if everyone is equal and impartial.”

They added “If something is ever the problem, it doesn’t get exaggerated and become a big issue, so we resolve it well. When our opinions clash, we decide by majority vote, so it’s easy. Things that we thought easily about seemed to have turned out well.”

BEAST, who has reached a plateau with their fans, stated “Instead of causing fans to worry about a curse, our biggest goal is to show the fans things clearly. Truthfully, we do things without trouble, as it is our way to pay back all the people who have shown us a lot of interest. As a singer, we think of that are our foremost duty.”

Yang Yoseob added “It’s amazing that six members hold similar views. For example, say that I had a solo at the same time BEAST was preparing for an album, I think it would be better for the BEAST album to come out. I have more attachment to group activities than solo activities. When we are talking about activities, we are the type to talk about BEAST’s group activities a lot. When the opportunity comes up to talk about individual activities, we want to hold our individual activities when there are no promotions under the BEAST moniker.”

BEAST revealed the secret to their harmony, which is majority vote.

Yong Junhyung said “So far is has been pretty good. There hasn’t been any discord or those kind of problems among the members. We still have a lot of years left in our contract with the company. About that [the number of years left in the contract], we spend time being numb to that, so we really don’t notice. Whenever we have to decide an opinion, we do it by majority vote without fail. If more than three people consent, everyone follows. More than anything, it feels like we have yielded a lot. Instead of the members being stubborn, it is good that we yield [to the majority opinion]. This has been a habit since our trainee days, so it seems trivial now, so we yield very well. It seems like we are really kind.”

Next, BEAST talked about their thoughts on dating. Since many idol members have revealed their relationships, BEAST was asked about this issue. Jang Hyunseung stated “Honestly, it seems people have really become accepting of idols dating compared to before. Though the public and fans have become more accepting, it seems like no one is firmly revealing their relationship. There isn’t anyone out there doing that. If you get caught, you have to reveal it.”

On June 16, BEAST revealed their sixth album “Good Luck,” having their comeback after about a year, and are showing their popularity by winning on the music shows.


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