“Superman Returns” Song Il Gook Was Advised by Doctor to Abort One of His Triplets

Actor Song Il Gook, who recently joined the popular KBS Sunday variety show “Superman Returns,” made a surprising revelation on the July 13 episode.

He disclosed in a commentary interview that he was advised by a doctor to abort one of his triplets while his wife was pregnant. The doctor was concerned about his wife’s heart and the health of the triplets.

In the end, the Song Il Gook and his wife decided to keep all three of the fetuses. Song Il Gook expressed, “My wife is really admirable.” He described how difficult it was for his wife to carry three children, “One month before the due date, she cried because she was in so much pain.” The actor starting crying himself as he told this story.

song il gook triplets eating superman returns 2

This July 13 episode of “Superman Returns” showed the tremendous appetites of Song Il Gook’s triplets, Dae Han, Min Gook, and Man Se. It also showed father Song Il Gook take his young sons on a boat so they can overcome their fears early on. He expressed, “I want to participate in the Ironman Triathlon with my sons.” Song Il Gook is a well-known triathlon enthusiast.

“Superman Returns” airs every Sunday on KBS.

song il gook triplets eating superman returns