Laughs Follow the Awe in NU’EST’s “Judgement” Dance Performance Clip

NU’EST has just released a short video of their “Judgement” dance clip through their official Youtube channel. The group had given a short music video clip previously for the track which you can watch here

“Judgement” is one of the songs from NU’EST’s first studio album, “Re:BIRTH.” It is a powerful song with a powerful message and even more powerful dance track. The dance performance video gives focused perspective on the choreography, showing the complicated moves that require a lot of practice and coordination. While fans can watch in awe for the first 50 seconds, the last eight will have you in laughs as you watch member Baekho take a little unexpected stumble. Watch for yourself below.

Meanwhile, NU’EST has been promoting the title track “Good Bye Bye” through various music shows. Watch one of their comeback stages here.