AOA Previews “Honey” Stills from First Photo Book, “AOA’s Hot Summer”

AOA has unveiled individual member teaser photos from their upcoming first photo book, “AOA’s Hot Summer“! Released through their official Facebook page and labeled “Honey Cut,” members Choa and Seolhyun are featured, each lying on a bed with clean white sheets and looking into the camera. The white palette as well as the soft  yet bright lighting portrays a cool summer atmosphere, appropriate for a summer photo book.

The “hot” in “Hot Summer” takes the first letter from the words “honey,” “oasis,” and “twinkle. “Honey” cuts portrays AOA’s morning. “Oasis” cuts will be released July 15. and “twinkle” the following day.

The 108-page “AOA’s Hot Summer” will be released July 24.

aoa hot summer choa teaser image

aoa hot summer seolhyun teaser image