Sohee Shows Off Her Sporty Look in “Oh Boy!” Magazine

Former Wonder Girls member Ahn Sohee, showed her model-like poses in a recent photo shoot.

On July 15, the famous sports brand Reebok revealed the photo shoot they had with Sohee in “Oh Boy!” magazine. In the pictorials, it showed a more mature side of Sohee.

According to one official that was involved, the photo shoot took place in a studio on July 5. For this photo shoot, Sohee revealed her feminine, yet natural side by putting on a minimal amount of make-up and letting her long hair flow freely. She was able to wrap-up the photo shoot perfectly by showing her trademark look. Sohee was able to perfectly express the 80’s American school look, the sporty look as the well as the rock, chic look along with her chic facial expressions.

A staff that worked with her said, “She was able to escape the lovely, cute Ahn Sohee and show a more mature and beautiful side of her.”

Her pictorials will be on the August edition of “Oh Boy!” and the shoes that she wore will begin selling in Reebok stores, starting in August.

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