New Drama, “Temptation” Starts Off in Third Place in Viewer Ratings

SBS’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Temptation” started off with a 7.6% rating, starting off in third place among the other Monday-Tuesday dramas.

Among the dramas that aired around the same time as “Temptation,” it had the lowest rating. However, since it’s only the first episode and the difference in ratings isn’t that big, it’s not a bad start.

“Temptation” aired its first episode after “Doctor Stranger” finished. The drama is about a man that accepts a tempting offer and makes a decision he cannot take back. Kwon Sang Woo plays the character Cha Suk Hoon who is pushed to the limits and Choi Ji Woo plays the character Yoo Sae Young that tempts him through a secretive offer. “Tempation” aired its first episode on July 14 where it revealed the tense relationship between Cha Suk Hoon and Yoo Sae Young.

Meanwhile, the rating for MBC’s “Triangle” is 9.1%, placing it in first place. KBS 2TV’s “Trot Lovers” had a rating of 8.3%.

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