Singer IU Reveals That Her Confidence Rises When in Love on “Healing Camp”

The talented singer IU recently revealed her honest thoughts about dating.

On July 14, the singer appeared on SBS’s variety show, “Healing Camp” along with singer and actor Kim Chang Wan and the cute Akdong Musicians. IU shyly said, “For me, being in a relationship is the best. It’s the time where narcissism springs up.”

Continuing on, she said, “I usually have low confidence but when I start dating, I can’t help but love myself. Since the person that I like likes me as well, I acknowledge that, ‘I can look at myself in amazement.” She continued on by saying, “When I start dating, my confidence rises.”

Lastly, the singer was asked whether she was dating and answered with, “It becomes wishy-washy.”

Meanwhile, the second part of “Healing Music Camp” continued as IU, Kim Chang Wan and Akdong Musician talked about various subjects.

IU_healing camp