2AM’s Jo Kwon and missA’s Fei Sing a Duet for “Temptation” OST

Singer Jo Kwon, who is a part of the boy group 2AM, and Fei, a member of the girl group missA, participated in the OST for SBS’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Temptation.”

On July 14, Jo Kwon uploaded a picture of himself and Fei on his Instagram. Along with the picture, he added a message that said, “I sang ‘One Summer Night’ with Fei for SBS’s Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Temptation.”

After “Stairway to Heaven,” it has been 11 years since actors Kwon Sang Woo and Choi Ji Woo worked together. “Temptation” is a story about a man who is at his limits. He accepts a tempting offer and makes a decision he cannot take back. The drama focuses on four characters that try to find the true meaning of love. The first episode was aired on July 14.

Meanwhile, Jo Kwon is currently playing the main character Adam, in the musical, “Priscilla.”

jo kwon, fei_temptation ost