15 Crazy K-Pop Hairstyles

K-Pop is known for some of the most extreme, avant-garde fashion in today’s pop culture. The cutting edge (and sometimes outrageous!) hairstyles are no exception. With colors ranging from one end of the rainbow to the other and cuts that go from cute to crazy, K-Pop artists definitely show us the fun and funky side of fashion.

For those of you feeling adventurous with your hair this summer, here are 15 of the craziest hairstyles in the modern K-Pop world.


G-Dragon has some of the most epic, fantastic hairstyles in K-Pop history! From bizarre colors to weird styles, he isn’t afraid to try new and unusual looks. However strange his hair might be, it never seems to take away from his adorable face. Don’t believe me? Just check out this fluffy, poodle look below!


Junsu- JYJ

Before Elsa of “Frozen” inspired the ultra-big braids, there was Junsu of JYJ. Half anime-character, half-kpop idol, he still manages to look ultra pretty despite the tri-colored, hot mess on top of his head.


Sandara Park- 2NE1

Sandara Park, you’re a beautiful girl… I will never understand your love of extreme hairstyles. Like G-Dragon, Sandara has many styles that could be included on this list. They’re always funky, yet always pretty! When it comes to hairstyles, Sandara is definitely the queen of crazy.


Taeyang- BIGBANG

Taeyang appears to have a pair of binoculars on his head. Enough said. Taeyang, you make the list.


Ilhoon- BtoB

Most people have heard the phrase “wearing your heart on your sleeve.” Ilhoon from BtoB puts a new spin on the old phrase, however, by wearing a heart on the side of his head! The pretty style is made up of tiny braids and seems somehow romantic and funky at the same time.



Zico – Block B

I heard Zico really loves Jamaica, or that scary, pirate zombie from Pirates of the Caribbean. Or maybe both. Either way, he makes the list!


Sunny- Girls’ Generation

While I prefer Sunny’s purple hair, I included this blue and white combo because it’s quite possibly the craziest hairstyle to ever be included in a Girls’ Generation video.  A far cry from their typical female idol hair (i.e. beautiful shiny hair that looks like a shampoo commercial), this look truly shows Sunny’s cute and quirky side. Adorable!


Niel – Teen Top

I don’t really know how to describe this hairstyle. I just know that I’m not a fan of the white to violet color and the uneven edges. Niel has such a cute face that it just seems a shame to cover half of it with this crooked do.


Hyoyeon – Girls’ Generation

I am in love with picture. I am in love with this outfit.  I am in love with this rainbow hair. I am in love with all this color. To sum it up, I’m in love with Hyoyeon right here. Adorable, bright and cheery- this just screams summer fun. Plus, it also reminds me of “My Little Pony.” Cute and makes you feel like a kid again? Yes, please!


Key – SHINee

In my book, Key can do no wrong… except wear those cut off denim shorts and knee socks he loves (No, Key! No!). While this hairstyle is definitely strange, it actually draws attention to his gorgeous features and beautiful bone structure. Crazy? Yes. Fierce? Double yes.


Krystal- f(x)

In my opinion, Krystal has one of the prettiest faces in the K-Pop industry. Too bad everyone is more focused on this striped, uneven hairstyle rather than her beautiful face.


Zelo – B.A.P.

We all know Zelo is impossibly adorable, just look at that cute, little face! However, this head of pink, poofy curls isn’t doing him any favors. With his pale skin underneath that mountain of pink, the whole look just makes me think of a strawberry ice cream cone.


King- LC9

This may be my favorite hairstyle on the list. Why? Because it’s just 100% fun and adorable and crazy, just like King himself. After all, isn’t fashion just a way to express yourself?


Sehun- EXO

While rainbow colored hair may be nothing new for girls (or clowns), you don’t usually see guys sporting these multi-color hues. However, EXO’s gorgeous maknae is no stranger to colorful hairdos.  This bold style looks different, yet fun and adorable.


Sulli – f(x)

I really like Sulli. She’s cute, talented, sweet- what’s not to like? When she’s not playing a cross-dressing student obsessed with her favorite athelete, she is normally really girly and feminine. However, here she shows off a tough, street style that’s brightened up with a chunk of neon yellow.


So that’s it… 15 of the craziest hairstyles in modern K-Pop. If we were to go back any further in history, our list would just be full of TVXQ, Super Junior, H.O.T. and Shinhwa!

What do you think? Which one of these artists has the craziest K-Pop hair? Did we miss some of your favorite crazy hairstyles from K-Pop? Let us know in the comment section below!

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