Kang Dong Won Hits Up Spain for a Photo Shoot with “High Cut”

Actor Kang Dong Won headed to Spain for a fashion spread with celebrity magazine “High Cut“.

The photo shoot took place in Catalonia, Spain, with the popular actor posing in front of various medieval ruins and sunny beaches. Formerly a model, Kang Dong Won showed his undeniable charm, pulling off various looks. 

During the interview for the spread, Kang Dong Won talked about his upcoming film “Kundo: Age of the Rampant” which will be opening on July 23. Kang Dong Won plays the villain of the film. He showed a dedicated, ambitious side to himself, saying, “my responsibility in this film is action. In a commercial action movie, you have to be good at action to have more scenes. My goal was to be even better than the action team.”

He also talked about how he became adapt at using the sword through the film. “Of course, I practiced a lot. The staff member who helped me with my action scenes said that I should try cutting a stack of hay with a real sword. He said I could probably do it.” 

The full photo shoot and interview with Kang Dong Won can be found in volume 130 of “High Cut”. 

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