Lee Gikwang Disses Yang Yoseob’s Small Head on “Showtime”

Kikwang dissed group mate Yoseob‘s small head on the upcoming episode of “Showtime – Burning the BEAST“. 

This week’s episode of “Showtime”, scheduled for broadcast on July 17, will be the last, as members of BEAST reminisce about the past three months of the program. 

On the upcoming episodes, Kikwang humorously dissed Yoseob’s small head, saying “I thought his face was small, but it was bigger than Park So Hyun‘s, so it’s definitely not small.” He also added, “Since Park So Hyun has a smaller face, Yoseob’s face is not small at all.” 

“Showtime” has seen the six-member group go through various challenges which showed how close the group members were with each other. The last episode of the reality program will be broadcast on July 17.