Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany Wants to Work with Lee Hyori and Lee Byung Hun

Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany did a photo shoot with the fashion magazine Instyle, where she showed her flawless beauty.

On July 17, Instyle magazine revealed the photos where Tiffany showed her chic, yet sexy side. She’s seen staring at the camera and brining out her charismatic side. In the pictorials, Tiffany is wearing a hat with a large visor and also a black and white see-through outfit that makes her look like a student.

In the interview with Instyle magazine, she revealed that, “Someday, I would like to work on a song with Lee Hyori.” When she was asked which actor she wanted to act with, she answered by saying, “Although he’s a married man now, I would like to work with Lee Byung Hun. I know it’s a big dream, but if there’s a role that fits me, I would like to work on a Hollywood film with him.”

Pictorials of Tiffany will be released in the August issue of Instyle magazine.


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