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My Love From the Star” is a nominee for Outstanding Korean Drama at the Seoul International Drama Awards and we have decided to go back and see what we learned and loved about this drama which starred Kim Soo Hyun, Jun Ji Hyun, Park Hae Jin, Shin Sung Rok, and Yoo In Na

Cheon Song Yi Can Crossover into Music

Who can forget Song Yi’s own spin on Jung Hyung Don and G-Dragon‘s “Going To Try.”

Anyone Asking About Your Health Creeps You Out


Creepy Hyung’s (as I called him) habit of asking about someone’s health before he got rid of them really made me wary of anyone asking this question to me.

You’ve Learned a Whole New Way To Say ‘Sorry’


Don’t lie, whenever you mess up you tend to say sorry like our one-of-a-kind lead. 

Do Min Joon and Cheon Yoon Jae Had the Best Bromance Ever


Yoon Jae’s love and adoration for Min Joon has to be the most adorable thing in the world.

No, Aliens Cannot Part the Sea..or Shed Skin


Getting over her initial shock that Min Joon’s an alien, Song Yi thinks of every alien stereotype you can think of.

Being Able to Briefly Stop Time Would be Cool


As time went by, Min Joon seemed to use his ability to stop time for random reasons, including stopping Song Yi from reading a message he sent her.

Lawyer Jang Really Did Care About Min Joon


Aside from Song Yi, Lawyer Jang was the most upset about Min Joon’s impending departure to his home planet. They were close for years, so he was understandably upset about it. Aww, poor Lawyer Jang.

Hwi Kyung Is One of the Best Second Leads


Song Yi Is the National Goddess and Star of Asia…


No need to explain any of this 😉 

…And Doesn’t Take Heartbreak Too Well


Min Joon and Song Yi Were Simply The Cutest


Vote for “My Love from the Starhere if you think it deserves the award for Best Drama (Outstanding Korean Drama Category) at the Seoul International Drama Awards.

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