H.J.g.R. Shares Their Ghost Stories on “Wish”

The members of H.J.g.R have appeared on OnStyle’s new variety show, “Wish,” also known as “Where Is My Hero?” and many are expecting this show to be a hit.

On July 19, the first episode of “Wish” was aired where Moon Hee Jun, Chun Myung Hoon, Danny Ahn, and Eun Ji Won appeared and discussed about capturing the hearts of women. In the preview of the first episode, the group talked about seeing a ghost.

In the entertainment industry, there’s a myth that when one sees a ghost in a recording studio or on set, then it’ll be a big hit. The members of H.J.g.R. recorded the first episode during May. During the recording, Moon Hee Jun’s mic that was attached to his clothes kept falling off and said, “I’m getting an ominous feeling. It’s the first episode and the mic keeps falling off.”

From this, Eun Ji Won talked about seeing a ghost. He said, “I saw a ghost in front of a bathroom. It didn’t have a face. Since this is a style channel and if we were to talk about the ghost’s style, I think it’s a part of our group. It was matching with one outfit.”

Perhaps it’s because of the talk of ghosts that the preview of “Wish” received a hot reaction. OnStyle pursues stylish programs and with H.J.g.R appearing, their comedic side that was shown in the preview made many laugh.

Officials who watched the preview said, “Out of all the OnStyle programs, the recent program was the funniest.” With OnStyle pursuing style and members of H.J.g.R, who have given up on fashion after their hip-hop fashion days, the members are planning on bringing laughter to the viewers. The members will be showing their struggle in becoming stylish as they said, “Our program is going to be aired on OnStyle.”

Meanwhile, the first episode of “Wish” will show H.J.g.R.’s way of capturing the hearts of women. In order to receive 69,950 likes on Facebook, the members have set up a page and have published their first post. The members have made many laugh with their unfamiliarity of using the social network.

You can like their page by typing in “2014wish” on Facebook!


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