Staff of “Trot Lovers” Compliments A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji for Her Hard Work and Passion

The staff of KBS 2TV’s Monday-Tuesday drama, “Trot Lovers,” complimented A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji by saying, “She’s a hard worker. Her passion for acting is amazing.”

The staff revealed their thoughts on July 20 and continued on by saying, “She’s a hard working actress. In order to make every scene the best, she’s constantly trying her best.”

They also said, “Even during break, rather than resting, she analyzes the script in detail and practices. When seeing her passion, the staff on set gain energy and do their best while filming.”

On July 20, the staff revealed behind the scene stills of Jung Eun Ji. In the pictures, Jung Eun Ji seems really busy as she’s seen either reading a script or monitoring the scene she just filmed. In order to make every scene perfect, Jung Eun Ji uses every break to focus on her character.

“Trot Lovers” airs every Monday and Tuesday.

jung eun ji_trot lovers stills