Kris Updates His Instagram for the First Time in Two Months

Kris (Wu Yi Fan) is reaching out to fans for the first time through his Instagram account since his last May message regarding his ongoing lawsuit against SM Entertainment.

The image shows Kris standing in front of what is presumably St. Vitus Cathedral in Pague, Czech Republic. He includes only one word as the caption- “Time.” For many fans, this single word may feel loaded as both Kris, fans, SM Entertainment, and EXO all wait for a conclusion for the conflict that started two months ago between the singer and his agency. It could also refer to Kris’ OST song “Time Boils the Rain” for Guo Jing Ming‘s “Tiny Times 3” film.

Previously, on May 15, Kris filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment for the termination of his exclusive contract. While Kris largely remained in China after filing the lawsuit, he also traveled to Prague, Czech Republic, to film his new movie, “Somewhere Only We Know.”

Kris’ last Instagram post before this one was a hand-written message to his fans to thank them for their support. Read more about it here.